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With a $100 membership, you can become a member-owner of the Tacoma Food Co-op. Click here to learn more about the benefits of joining your local Tacoma Food Co-op.

If you opt for the $25 initial installment we kindly
suggest that you make monthly payments. Either $25 monthly, or the amount that
best fits your budget. Once you reach $100 you have paid for your full membership.

Your membership is an equity investment that is at risk and it can be refundable if you choose to cancel your ownership. Some of the requirements are to state your desire in writing with your address, member number,
and signature. Your refund will be sent to you by mail. The Board retains the right to withhold refunds when necessary to protect the Co-op’s financial viability. Equity will not be refunded if such a refund would lead to a net decrease in total member paid-in equity, or would risk, cause or exacerbate non-compliance with any Financial Condition policy.

Come by the store and or fill out this form to become a member today!


To pay online, Step 1: enter your name and contact information below. If you have issues with any part of this process, contact us.

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