General Manager Job Description

TFC General Manager Job Description and Qualifications

Updated: August 2014

Ratified by the Board: 4/23/14


The general manager is hired and supervised by the Tacoma Food Co-op’s Board of Directors. The General Manager serves at the Board’s discretion. The Board Chair is the point of contact for the GM. The GM is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the Tacoma Food Co-op.

Salary: $55-70k, DOE. Benefits to be negotiated.

Specific responsibilities:

Without limiting this general statement of responsibility, specific responsibilities of the General Manager include:

Board and Member Relations

  1. Present clear and timely reports to the board and proposals for board consideration. Follow up on board concerns and research issues in a timely and effective fashion.
  2. Keep directors informed about matters at and between board meetings.
  3. Monitor and report on membership recruitment, turnover and satisfaction.
  4. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors in a timely fashion.


  1. Establish and submit business plans and budgets (bi-annual and as otherwise directed) which support operations and the fiscal integrity of TFC, and which follow board stated priorities when making allocations among competing budgetary needs
  2. Supervise the finance, IT, and organizational record-keeping and compliance functions.
  3. Ensure all procedures and systems for financial control are properly implemented and followed.
  4. Support the Board, through a Finance Committee, in monitoring and managing the budget.
  5. Supervise the preparation of monthly management reports to the Board.
  6. Ensure that TFC’s assets are adequately safeguarded from loss.
  7. Perform in-depth financial analysis and promptly address financial problems


  1. Prepare comprehensive marketing plans, including regular analysis of the TFC’s competition and market potential.
  2. Ensure that TFC is effectively presented to customers and its local market.
  3. Build and sustain relationships with vendors and producers to develop effective product promotion.
  4. Monitor and work to improve customer and member service levels.
  5. Build relationships within the community through traditional and innovative marketing and outreach practices.


  1. Establish practices and procedures for daily operations that will ensure a stable, profitable, and growing business.
  2. Anticipate, identify and address operational problems in a timely fashion.
  3. Plan for ongoing operational needs, including technology, facilities, equipment
  4. Plan for future operational needs, including the expansion to a larger or a second location in about two years.

Human Resources

  1. Establish personnel policies and procedures that are effective and support TFC’s values; maintain an employee manual
  2. Ensure adequate employee training, evaluation, safety, and personnel systems.
  3. Supervise departmental planning and goal setting.
  4. Supervise and assist all departmental managers in achieving goals and objectives.
  5. Identify and develop skills and talent in a diverse and often young staff group.
  6. Build a successful working team of employees by overseeing hiring, firing, promotion, discipline, and compensation.
  7. Develop and implement a plan for emergency management succession

Planning and Leadership

  1. Work with the Board to ensure adequate planning for TFC’s future
  2. Advise the Board of instances where a policy of TFC should be altered, abandoned, or replaced.
  3. Keep the Board informed regarding operations, community affairs and issues, potential legal issues, and all other matters relevant to the successful operations of TFC.
  4. Monitor and manage member and community relations.
  5. Serve as the primary communicator of TFC’s vision, mission, and operations to the community.
  6. Proactively work with Volunteer Coordinator to provide volunteer opportunities, and recruit and retain volunteers.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities


  1. Ability to work with volunteer board, effectively balancing leadership and service
  2. Competency to lead and manage staff of 25 persons delegating to managers as appropriate
  3. 5 years retail management
  4. Understanding of the underlying social values of a cooperative, regarding both members and the larger community
  5. Ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences orally and in writing
  6. Ability to handle multiple demands and make tough decisions at a rapid pace
  7. Ability to work a varying and flexible schedule including some evenings and weekends
  8. Computing skills including the use of social networking, Microsoft Office, basic database and point-of-sale system knowledge


  1. Understanding of the retail grocery business, particularly in TFC’s main product lines
  2. Cooperative grocery experience
  3. Knowledge of and relationships in the greater Tacoma food community
  4. Experience working with or serving on a board of directors
  5. Knowledge of organic certification processes
  6. Experience leading community engagement initiatives.