Tacoma’s Own Homegrown Food Co-op!

The Tacoma Food Co-op is owned by member-owners just like you – food and health lovers dedicated to natural, local, healthy, fresh, organic, allergen-free, vegan, vegetarian, humanely raised, non-gmo, sustainable, affordable food in a space that feeds our community.

2014 TFC Board Election Results

We are pleased to announce your new TFC Board of Directors. But first, we would like to thank our outgoing board members, David Foster, Aaron Donny-Clark, and Derrick Bushnell, for their dedication, commitment, and hard work. It’s been a pleasure working with you, and we wish you all the best!

New Board Members: Thanks to all the board candidates and to everyone who voted. Returning for another term is Jennie Agard (thanks for running again, Jennie!!!), and we are pleased to welcome Barbara Stoehr, Jason Higgins and Jana Wennstrom as new board members.

If you have questions for the board, please note that the first 15 minutes of every board meeting is dedicated to community input. You can also email the board at board@tacomafoodcoop.com.

Store Location: We’re at the corner of 6th and Junett (click for: directionsa map, and public transit info).

Store Hours:
Monday – Saturday:  9 am – 10 pm
Sunday:  9 am - 9 pm

Holiday Hours:
New Year’s Day:  Closed for Inventory

Who can shop at the store? Everyone can shop at the Tacoma Food Co-op. You don’t have to be a member to shop at the store. Come shop, come be nourished, come enjoy the experience and the community. It is your co-op Tacoma…just for you!


Me? JOIN? Everyone can join the Tacoma Food Co-op. When you join, you take an active hand in supporting the food culture and nourishment of our community. The Tacoma Food Co-op exists because members just like you joined and then collectively invested enough money (and time) to open the store. It was a labor of love…for the benefit of the community. Yes, join…today!

Spread the Word: Do you know someone who hasn’t heard about the co-op? Just by talking about our co-op, you can help people find the healthy food and caring community that they are looking for. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

January Member-Owner Specials: Check out this month’s member-owner specials! Get great deals on items throughout the store, now through the end of the month.

Suggestion Box: As a new store, we select our inventory based on the suggestions of our member-owners and our community. Thanks for letting us know what you want to see in the store.

What is a co-op? In the loosest sense, a co-op is any voluntary organization composed of a group of individuals (or organizations) formed for their mutual (generally, financial) benefit. These associations share a number of features (visit our co-op page for more info):

  • They are democratic, volunteer associations.
  • They are formed for mutual financial benefit (to save money or to increase buying power); in short, they are businesses.
  • They have no owners other than their member-owners.
  • They are non-profit organizations in the sense that what would be profit in other organizations is returned to the member-owners.